Crafting Collaborative Visionary Designs


Welcome to Cadre A+D, where architecture meets progress.

We offer more than just architectural solutions; we provide a partnership committed to adding value every step of the way. From conceptualization to completion, we ensure swift, efficient progress without compromising quality.

Our mission is rooted in being proactive, transparent, and forthright, guiding clients through discovery and innovation to optimize every space.

With a promise of an educational and challenging partnership, we strive to design legacy projects through genuine collaboration, blending artistry and function with each client’s unique vision.

Mixed Use

Throughout our careers, we have designed diverse projects, including multi-family, hospitality, workplace, and retail. This experience has taught us how layering these elements can create vibrant, energetic communities. Our extensive travel and observation reveal the importance of the spaces in between, fostering surprise and delight in urban living.

Multi-Family Residential

Cadre A+D understands today’s multi-family should be designed to serve a new generation of consumers who crave more flexibility in their living situations. The focus on convenience, community connection, and flexibility is key to provide a suitable living option for people with dynamic and mobile lifestyles that have transitioned from traditional places of rest and relaxation to new, multifaceted living, working, and learning environments.


Design of a functional workspace has become paramount to attract and retain a highly skilled workforce in a comfortable environment. The space can communicate to those that visit it about who your company is and what you value. Cadre A+D understands this and has worked with its clients as a partner to create space that delivers on these expectations.


Elevate the customer experience through understanding of brand, operations, and good design. Cadre A+D has worked with multiple brands and operators to provide proven expertise and value to our clients. We strive to meet the goals and expectations of the brands while bringing forward opportunities to streamline operations and bring forward opportunities for additional revenue sources.

Higher Education

Higher Education work is a passion of ours. Colleges and Universities have a wide array of curriculum and offerings that require specific design expertise to elevate each program. We know delivering these projects requires a team that is seamless in meeting your goals and expectations. Our leadership has established relationships with some of the best collaborators in their fields and specialties to bring together a comprehensive team that will inspire and transform.


Understanding what currently makes a particular place unique and how to elevate it through design is our pride and joy. Through keen observation and listening to our clients we work collaboratively to create immersive and inclusive environments that foster creativity, artistic expression, and dialog developing experiences that elevate the places where our clients live, work and play.

Clients and Partners

For forward-thinkers engaging an architect, Cadre A+D is an architectural design firm that prioritizes relationships and excellent design to leave a lasting positive imprint on communities and landscapes.

Distinctive for our collaborative approach, client-first focus and selective project selection our work speaks for itself.